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Ever wonder which schools are part of the Ivy League, enroll primarily African American students, or are considered art schools? Look at our Similar School Lists to find out which colleges fit into these categories and more!

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Every year, we survey tens of thousands of students so they can tell you the stuff about colleges that no one else will tell you.

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Use this fun tool to figure out the 15 colleges–five safeties, five good matches, and five reaches–that best fit your skills and preferences.

The Best 331 Colleges

The Best 331 CollegesEach year, The Princeton Review surveys thousands of college students to get the inside word on what’s going on at the nation’s top 331 colleges. The results are published in our best-selling book, The Best 331 Colleges and here on Some of the rankings cover the serious side of school–academics, professors, libraries, etc.–and others tell you what it’s really like to live there–parties, dating, food, dorms, etc.

These rankings show the important information you need to know as you’re preparing to make a huge decision. What could be more useful to students choosing a college than the opinions of current college students about their campuses? College is an incredible growth experience, one that covers a significant portion of the full spectrum of life’s lessons. It’s video porno much more than classrooms, books, and professors–it’s a complete experience that you’ll never forget. So, reference the information on these lists as just one part of the entire admissions process to help you evaluate your choices and make decisions.

Be aware, though, that all of these lists are based on our survey results. Therefore, they do not reflect our opinions, nor do they perfectly reflect reality; that is to say, we can’t tell you at which schools registration is actually the biggest hassle. What we can tell you is at which schools students are most pissed off about registration hassles. Our feeling is, students’ perceptions are quite valuable. After all, what better way is there to judge a school than by how its students feel about it?


Counselor-O-MaticCounselor-O-Matic is a fun, interactive tool that will help you start figuring out which schools you want to apply to. All you have to do is answer a series of Selectivity Questions and Preference Questions, then Counselor-O-Matic will magically generate a list of fifteen schools: five reach schools, five good matches, and five safety schools. In addition, every time you search for a new school, Counselor-O will tell you if that school is a match, safety, or reach based on your answers to these Preference and Selectivity Questions.

Counselor-O-Matic can help you find colleges you otherwise might not have considered and get you started on the college search and application process. However, when Counselor-O-Matic suggests schools to you, it doesn’t mean you will absolutely be admitted, as admissions criteria vary from year to year and from college to college. In other words, don’t pack your bags for Ann Arbor just because Counselor-O-Matic suggested University of Michigan as one of your match schools. It’s a fun tool that is based on facts and stats about you, but don’t take it as gospel, get it? Good! Then let’s get groovin’…